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Perhaps one of the most surprising effects the pandemic has had on society is that of the continued resilience of the UK housing market. While may predicted a housing crash once lockdown hit the UK last March, instead house prices have continued to rise at record levels and, with incentives such as the Stamp Duty holiday, we are still seeing record numbers of sales across the country over twelve months later.

This month, Savills have revised their housing forecast to take into account the recent developments within the market, and while some remain convinced there will be a drop in prices in 2022, Savills insist that the outlook still looks rosy – especially for those wishing to sell.

According to Savills, the stamp duty holiday is largely the cause of the current rush of activity within the market. This has generated huge levels of demand while the supply of available homes remains stagnated – they believe that this imbalance is set to continue, with house price growth now forecasted to reach 9% for the year. This is great news for those looking to sell, however perhaps less encouraging for first-time buyers and those with smaller budgets who may struggle to find properties to meet their needs.

Property transactions are expected to slow down over the remainder of the year, and this is forecasted to continue into 2022 as demand lessens slightly in the wake of the stamp duty holiday lifting, however transaction levels are expected to surpass 1.6 million this year which is 35% higher than the five years leading up to the pandemic.

House price growth is expected to continue to come in at around 11-12% over the coming years however, with prices forecasted to increase by a huge 21.5% by 2025 – spelling both good news and bad news for movers.

We will continue to keep you updated with the movements in the UK housing market over the coming months and look forward to reporting on the continued recovery of the industry post-Covid.


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