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In the News: AltFi

 The equity crowdfunding model continues to branch out into pastures new, as strategic land platform Intro Crowd goes live.

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This article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. This article does not amount to an invitation or inducement to buy or sell an investment nor does it solicit any such offer or invitation in any jurisdiction.

In all cases, readers should conduct their own investigation and analysis of the data in the article. Readers are strongly encouraged to seek independent legal and financial advice when considering an investment in strategic land. All statements of opinion and/or belief contained in this article and all views expressed and all projections, forecasts or statements relating to expectations regarding future events represent Intro Crowd’s own assessment and interpretation of information available as at the date of this article.

No responsibility or liability is accepted by Intro Crowd for reliance on the contents of this article. 

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