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By now we are all pretty well versed in the state of the UK housing market – it’s not good. With thousands of people unable to get onto the housing market due to rising costs and lack of supply, the demand for private rentals and social housing is also rising, as is the number of people still living with their parents into their late twenties and early thirties in order to save for that all-important deposit.

New reports out recently state that the average time taken for a first time buyer to save for a deposit has actually decreased from 2017 due to lowering house prices and a rise in income, however it would still take the average single buyer over a decade to save up 15% and 17 years to save if they were living in London. Of course, if a couple were saving to buy this timeframe does reduce further down to 5 years for the average couple and 8 years for those living in London.

While the Government’s Help to Buy scheme can further reduce the time taken to save for a deposit (saving just 5% in some cases rather than the full 15% without) this option is only available to savers until 2019 and therefore for those not ready to begin saving for their first mortgage this will present a new set of problems once the scheme closes.

House prices may be coming down, but this will be a slow process and the downward trajectory is not guaranteed to continue. Instead of waiting for prices to come down, we should instead be focusing on increasing the number of new homes available across the country in order to shorten the time taken for buyers to save their deposit. The Government set the target for 300,000 new homes to be built per year until 2020, however new reports suggest that in actual fact this will need to continue until 2031 in order to beat the housing crisis.

In order to get Britain building, we need to ensure that enough suitable land is being released for residential development each year, and this is where Intro Crowd step in. We give qualified investors the opportunity to collectively fund the purchase of strategic land sites in areas with a defined need for new homes. These sites are greenfield by nature and therefore are not a part of the protected greenbelt or contaminated by prior development. Their prime location typically means they have good road access as well as access to public transport, shops, schools and other local amenities – this in turn makes them an attractive proposition for house builders.

Once we have taken a site through the funding process on our bespoke crowdfunding platform, our team of industry experts will guide the site through the planning process and if consent is granted on the land, we will then look to sell the site to a house builder for residential development.

For more information on anything mentioned in this article, or to learn more about Intro Crowd, please do not hesitate to contact us today on +44 (0)20 7118 4040 or email us at incrowd@introcrowd.com


This article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. This article does not amount to an invitation or inducement to buy or sell an investment nor does it solicit any such offer or invitation in any jurisdiction.

In all cases, readers should conduct their own investigation and analysis of the data in the article. Readers are strongly encouraged to seek independent legal and financial advice when considering an investment in strategic land. All statements of opinion and/or belief contained in this article and all views expressed and all projections, forecasts or statements relating to expectations regarding future events represent Intro Crowd’s own assessment and interpretation of information available as at the date of this article.

No responsibility or liability is accepted by Intro Crowd for reliance on the contents of this article.

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