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Simplify investment terminology with our jargon free glossary.

Strategic land

Strategic land is land that is thought to be suitable for future development. “Strategic” refers to the location, accessibility and development potential of the land.

National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

The National Planning Policy Framework is the Government’s consolidated official planning guidance for local planning authorities replacing two dozen previously issued planning policy statements and guidance notes.

Allocated land / zoned land

The term “zoned land”, or “allocated land”, is used to describe land parcels that have been assigned a certain use in the future – such as industrial, agricultural, commercial, or residential – by local  authorities.

Land parcel

A plot or piece of land

Sustainable Urban Extension (SUE)

An SUE is proposed development adjacent to an existing town providing for a large number of houses (normally in excess of 700 dwellings) along with the necessary infrastructure as well as additional facilities such as shops, schools or recreational facilities


An existing collection of houses to form a town or village

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

Each LPA is required by national planning policy to produce a SHLAA which is a technical study carried out to inform future planning policy development. It also assists the LPA in the monitoring of whether there is an adequate supply of deliverable housing land.

Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space (SANG)

A policy introduced by Natural England to mitigate the potential adverse impact certain SUE’s might have upon the existing Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area through the provision of suitable alternative green space.

Green wedge

An area of land designated by the local planning authority (LPA) that normally sits between two close settlements to prevent them from merging.

Five year land supply

In order to boost the supply of housing the NPPF requires local authorities to identify and annually review their housing land supply. The objective is to ensure that each authority has sufficient deliverable sites to allow for the provision of five years’ worth of housing based on the identified housing requirement in their area.

Local Planning Authority (LPA)

A local planning authority (LPA) is the local authority or council that is empowered by law to exercise statutory town planning functions for a particular area of the United Kingdom.

Greenfield land

Greenfield land – often farmland – is land not previously developed.

Green belt

Green belt is a classification for land around certain cities and built-up areas, which aims to keep it permanently open or largely undeveloped.

Brownfield land

A Brownfield site is defined in the UK as previously developed land that has potential for redevelopment.

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) is a landscape which is considered so precious that it is protected for the nation. The criteria for designating an AONB include valuable wildlife, habitats, geology and heritage, as well as scenic views.


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