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2020 has been a tumultuous year so far. The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked devastation across the planet, disrupted industry, and forced us all to hit pause on many aspects of our life while we flattened the curve. Now that lockdowns are starting to lift worldwide, many areas of the workforce are slowly returning to work including the construction industry.

It stands to reason that the number of homes built in the UK will be much, much lower in the first half of 2020, but as we approach the second half of the year and are given the opportunity to build those numbers back up again, it’s also time to call for the changes that we desperately need to see within the UK housing industry this year.

Today, we thought we would share five changes that we want to see implemented in the housing industry:

  1. Modular housing: a means by which the construction industry can speed up the time it takes to build homes across the country, fulfilling the demand new housing quicker and more effectively.
  2. Sustainable materials: by embracing sustainable and renewable building materials, not only are we as an industry becoming more environmentally conscious within our developments, but we are also minimising the need for the importation of materials. This is something that is going to become even more crucial post-Brexit.
  3. Planning reforms: by now we are all aware that the planning system in the UK is outdated. It takes far too long for planning applications to be approved, and while the Government have made some steps towards addressing this with measures such as the Brownfield register, a lot more needs to be done to ensure that it’s benefiting house building.
  4. Low carbon footprint developments: an issue that is becoming increasingly important is ensuring the carbon footprint of each development is as low as it can be. Some measures to be taken to support this include the use of sustainable and renewable materials and the implementation of more economic amenities such as boilers that minimise both cost for the resident and emissions.
  5. Truly affordable housing: arguably the most important change of all is the need for truly affordable housing in the UK. This is a cause that Intro Crowd have championed from the very beginning, and something we will continue to talk about and push for. As an entire generation faces being priced out of the housing market completely, more needs to be done to ensure that everyone has the ability to own their own home.

These changes won’t be implemented immediately, but we believe that if they are implemented, we will begin to see a housing market emerging that is beneficial to everyone. A housing market that is affordable for all, that keeps its carbon footprint low while simultaneously keeping up with the demand for homes by using modern methods of construction such as off-site modular construction.

This article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. This article does not amount to an invitation or inducement to buy or sell an investment nor does it solicit any such offer or invitation in any jurisdiction.

In all cases, readers should conduct their own investigation and analysis of the data in the article. Readers are strongly encouraged to seek independent legal and financial advice when considering an investment in strategic land. All statements of opinion and/or belief contained in this article and all views expressed and all projections, forecasts or statements relating to expectations regarding future events represent Intro Crowd’s own assessment and interpretation of information available as at the date of this article.

No responsibility or liability is accepted by Intro Crowd for reliance on the contents of this article.

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